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Isao Mizutani


Isao Mizutani (1921-2015) is an artist who played an important role in the avant-garde art movement in post-war Japan. Especially in the 1960s, he drew attention both domestically and internationally for his unique paintings that used nihonga painting materials (he called himself glue paintings rather than using the word nihonga). I was. In addition to painting, he developed a wide range of activities, such as working on stage art for Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno.

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"Isao Mizutani is an advant-gard painter who didn’t belong to any school of art, but the method he chose for painting was using mineral paint and glue mainly, who also gave great impact to young artists. He has done murals, illustration for novels and even stage set for avant-garde theatre. Unfortunately, Isao passed away in June , 2005. "
Ichiro Hariu


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