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Kazz Morishita


One of the most notable Japanese photo artists, Kazz Morishita has been creating photographic compositions by combining traditional camera with the modern technology. His works captures the expanse of spaces either in meditative black or white or in bold splashes of colored light. In accordance with Japanese cultural tradition, Kazz deeply reflects a connection with nature. Using a computer to process his photographs, he strives to create his own world of beauty and harmony to show and reveal the miracle of nature and its phenomena. The artist pays great attention to printing materials from traditional Japanese washi paper to aluminum, choosing the most expressive for his work. His new works called ‘The Kazz Moon’ series beautifully combines his iconic Moon image and modern structures also iconic in world cities. The Kazz Moon series not only convey remarkable beauty of each images and also amazes us with the technical perfection, a such large size gelatin silver print exposed with moonlight. Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1951. Having won prizes at numerous painting contests since his childhood, he is expected to become a great painter in future. However, he felt that his own sketching skills were lacking and took these awards calmly in his stride, believing that these awards were given solely for the uniqueness of his ideas. For example, hundreds of people gathering in a park or scenes during surgery. Such a focus served as an advantage in his work as an expo planner later. However, he chose a path of expressing himself through his own works as if being pushed by some invisible force, and this has continued to this day.

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  ©KAZZ Morishita

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