Kenji Arimoto

NEW in the Gallery

Arimoto Kenji was born in 1991. After graduation from Kobe University, he entered the art world with bright and often violent, even cruel visual statements.  From his childhood the artist lives in a new bedroom residential area built on the top of a flattened mountain from where people have to commute to the city. This place has no history. It is separated from nature and local culture physically and spiritually by the concrete wall. Nature with its mountains and wild animals flourish outside the town. The wall became a boundary between natural and human zones. The surrounding world, actual landscape with its physical, social and psychological effects determined many subjects of Arimoto’s art works. The artist’s latest quest for a deeper understanding of the world around him led to the new series of paintings and photographs What is Nature created in 2019. The series became an entire galaxy of questions with their corresponding dice throws. The most important one is the uncertain relationship between natural and unnatural revealed in different narratives.