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Hiroko Tsuchida​

Sculpture, Objects

Material, shape, dimension, structure all express the philosophy of Hiroko Tsuchida. Things that she wants to express wonder around her head and finally, they materialize as something solid. There is something invisible in everyday life which disturbs the artist and pushes her heart beating fast.  This comprises the mystery which colors her world and inspires her to create works of art. Hiroko Tsuchida turns safety pins, bells, band-aids, whistles, scissors and other ready-made objects into conceptual tools for “self-reflection”. Using these everyday things, as “forms of media” she endows them with new meanings, urging viewers to reconsider implications of newly constructed images.  Hiroko Tsuchida was born in 1985, Fukui, Japan. Currently lives and works in Nagoya, Japan.


  I express various things in a three-dimensional molding thing.
Seeing from the distance, there are many things with different discovery even if near.  I watch the thing worried about near by all means, and, please take in it slowly and carefully.

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