​Koichi Nishiyama

    I have written about "photographs" and “art works” many times at the request of other people. At first, I didn't understand the reason for putting it into words and couldn't express my thoughts and feelings in a satisfying way. But it motivated me to take new pictures, so I think that this experience was very helpful.

    I started to take pictures at a certain moment because I had a camera. But I had little awareness of what is an “art work”. Even so, I kept doing it. I had a feeling that if I collect photographs and give them a title it will become an “art work” and if I show it to someone, something important may come out. While continuing my shooting experience I started designing spaces, then by gathering people I created opportunities for exhibitions. As the result of my exploration of the context of space, my expression has taken different forms. Perhaps I am shifting the boundaries between "personal experience," "work," "artist," and "photographer" to question each notion.

    Since my childhood I did not know what to do with the feeling of ambiguity about the outside world. The camera helped me to express myself in a desperate attempt to close the gap between the external reality and the self, to think once again about the “exhibition” that is held in a limited time in a limited space and my own rampantly multiplying thoughts and the system of reality.

    Photos that look exactly like reality, and yet are always different from it amaze me. I keep making something new out of that similarity because it seems to reconcile my feeling of strangeness with the world.


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