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Material: Mixed media

Year: 2023


This piece is a derivative of "SELFVERSE", the viewer-participatory installation by Yuiko Ráyka.

This piece is meant to be viewed by shining a flashlight on the object and enjoying the reflections projected on the walls and ceilings of your room. The object consists of three parts: a sphere, an aurora material, and a holographic disk. Various reflections can be created by combining the parts or using them individually.

After-sales maintenance (cleaning, repair, replacement of materials and equipment) is available for a fee.




- Main body of the object

- Flashlight x 2* (including 18650-2000A lithium battery x 2, USB Type-C cable x 2)**

- Flashlight holder

- Rotating table (including  a 18650-2000A lithium battery and micro USB type-B cable)**

- 3-port USB adapter

- Foldable paper stool

- Setup instruction 


**The flashlight and rotating table are charged by inserting the lithium battery and connecting to a power source with the USB cable and adapter. The flashlight and rotating table can be used while charging. When fully charged, 2-3 hours of continuous use is possible with the USB cable disconnected.




Main body of the object: Width 60cm x Depth 40cm x Height 38cm (Width 23 5/8 in x Depth 15 3/4 in x Height 15 in)

Rotating table: Diameter 19.2cm, Height 4.8cm (Diameter 7 9/16 in, Height 2 in) 

Light holder: Height 32-47cm (Height 12 in - 18 in) adjustable

Foldable paper stool : Diameter 30cm, Height 28cm (Diameter 12 in, Height 11 in)



SELFVERSE device - Aurora (MA)

  • Yuiko Ráyka