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Material: Mixed media

Year: 2022


This piece is a derivative of "SELFVERSE", the viewer-participatory installation by Yuiko Ráyka.

This piece is meant to be viewed by shining a flashlight on the object and enjoying the reflections projected on the walls and ceilings of your room. The object consists of three parts: a sphere, an aurora material, and a holographic disk. Various reflections can be created by combining the parts or using them individually.

After-sales maintenance (cleaning, repair, replacement of materials and equipment) is available for a fee.




- Main body of the object: sphere, aurora material, holographic disk

- Flashlight x 2* (including 18650-2000A lithium battery x 2, USB Type-C cable x 2)**

- Flashlight holder

- Rotating table (including  a 18650-2000A lithium battery and micro USB type-B cable)**

- 3-port USB adapter

- Foldable paper stool

- Setup instruction


*The flashlight can be zoomed to adjust the size of the light. The size of the light and the position and angle at which the light is shone on the object will change the expression of the reflection.


**The flashlight and rotating table are charged by inserting the lithium battery and connecting to a power source with the USB cable and adapter. The flashlight and rotating table can be used while charging. When fully charged, 2-3 hours of continuous use is possible with the USB cable disconnected.




Sphere: Diameter 19cm, Height 22.5cm (Diameter 7 9/16 in, Height 9 in) 

Aurora material: 43.5cm x90cm (17 1/8 in x 37 7/16 in)  size adjustable***

Hologram disk: Diameter 29.5cm (Diameter 11 2/3 in)

Rotating table: Diameter 19.2cm, Height 4.8cm (Diameter 7 9/16 in, Height 2 in) 

Light holder: Height 32cm - 47cm (Height 12 in - 18 in) adjustable

Foldable paper stool : Diameter 30cm, Height 28cm (Diameter 12 in, Height 11 in)


***The shape of the aurora material can be changed. The expression of reflection changes depending on the shape.


SELFVERSE device - Sphere (MA)

  • Yuiko Ráyka